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Lets go back!

2008 was the year I started shooting properly. I had owned a point and shoot camera to take to car shows but I hadnt really started shooting models. A friend of mine, Mike recommended a studio in London for me to use. I then owned a Canon 400d and a 28-105 Lens, i dont think they make the lens anymore.

He said they were having model days, one where 2 models were shooting together. In this instance it was Fiona York and Katie Green. Katie was heavily published and was on list to be a wonderbra girl, this was a coup for me so i thought, why not although I had no idea how to direct or light the studio, this wasnt an issue, the owner helped me with this:

Then I thought I would attend a few group shoots. This would prepare me and give me an opportunity to chat with other photographers. The first 2 were alternative group shoots. A concept that I thought I would be interested in, heres a few images:

Also this year I atttended a workshop by a respected photographer Phil Drinkwater. I idolised Phil, he was and is a good friend. He would teach us how to direct a model and light the stuidio in different ways – The model was Katie Green which was a bonus as I got to know Katie online chatting through forums.

That year was my first solo shoot. I thought, I need to start shooting my own shots rather than having the same or similar images to others plus how would i learn otherwise. I shopt a good model friend who i chatted online to and met at Max Power, Mel Rook – I was nervous as hell and the images were great, it was the 1st step. :


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